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Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats

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What Is our Mission?

The Liberal Democrats are the heart of Liberalism on the Isle of Wight. We are a party that is made by local Islanders that exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open island for all!

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrat objective is to build a society that protects individuals and gives islanders the tools and freedom to be successful and build the lives they want. We believe in opportunity, self-reliance and a healthy respect for communities to help create a fair and free society on the island. We put forward a progressive platform where individuals in communities are the drivers for change, and people are at the heart of decision making.

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats believe that we offer an alternative to the Left and Right fight that we experience around the country, and on the island. We don't believe in the "cutting culture" of the Conservatives, but also do understand the need to eliminate the deficit. We believe that a balanced and reasonable approach is what is needed to sort out the finances on and off the island.

However, it's not just the economy of the Isle of Wight that the Liberal Democrats wish to fight for. We are also committed to a much more democratic and engaged Island community. We believe it should be our duty as Liberals to actively inform and encourage more people to be a part of the community they live in. We believe that the success of a truly balanced society comes from the diversity of people from all different backgrounds. To us, their are no class or groups, just different individuals all with their own views and aspirations.

Lib Dems Isle of wight team

If you would like to find out more information, and keep up to date with local news and events, then please follow us on the links below.




If you wish to get in contact directly, please find us under "contact us" and send us a email. Alternatively, you can contact us or via Facebook and Twitter, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

For further facts on staying in the EU please have a look at our published European Referendum Key Issues Guide here!

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Recent updates

  • Article: Mar 11, 2020

    Over the last week, Liberal Democrat MPs have been introducing seven Bills that tackle challenges facing women and girls in the UK and beyond.

    Today I'm tabling my Bill, which would prohibit anti-abortion protests within 150 metres of abortion clinics:

    My Bill will protect all women, all over the country, from harassment and intimidation.

  • Article: Mar 11, 2020

    The Federal Conference Committee met on Sunday, 8th March to review the amendments, emergency motions and topical issues submitted for Spring Conference. We also discussed the most recent guidance with regards to COVID-19, and a few other reports back from the Federal Board.

    On COVID-19; we're keeping under close review the plans for the York conference in the light of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Based on health advice from Public Health England and government, along with that from York Council, at present, conference will go ahead as planned.

  • Article: Mar 11, 2020

    Want to find more (and more diverse) candidates in your area? Watch this quick webinar with Daisy Cooper for tips, tricks and strategies to recruit the right people!

    You can also use Lighthouse to help you find more candidates. Learn more here: www.libdems.org.uk/lighthouse

  • Article: Mar 10, 2020

    Speaking at conference can seem like a daunting process at first, but it's really easy - and it's your chance to make your mark on the party and party policy.

    What's more, some debates are very much decided by what the speakers say.

    Here's what you need to know before speaking at conference:

  • Article: Mar 10, 2020
    By Munira Wilson

    Making access to support services a right for victims of sexual violence and abuse a right was one of the recommendations of the 2018 APPG on Sexual Violence.

    Yet two years on, and throughout the UK survivors are still being told that they have to be added to shamefully long waiting lists, or that waiting lists are closed. The situation is abhorrent.

  • Article: Mar 9, 2020
    By Wera Hobhouse

    With reports of sexual assault, rape and violence against women on the rise, it is simply unacceptable that convictions for sexual violence are at a record low.

    Tens of thousands of women report crimes to the police each year which are motivated by misogyny, but they are not recorded as such.

    Plan International estimate that 66% of girls and young women have been sexually harassed in public.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2020
    By Liberal Democrats

    Jo Swinson

    An MP at the age of 25, a Government Minister at 32, and elected Liberal Democrat leader at 39, Jo Swinson has packed a lot into her first four decades.

    Jo's desire to change the world started at an early age, signing petitions at The Body Shop inspired by Anita Roddick, campaigning for girls to be allowed to wear trousers at her school, and winning the battle for internet connections to be installed in her University hall of residence.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2020
    By Ed Davey

    On International Women's Day, we celebrate the incredible contributions of women in every corner of the world. Today, we celebrate the women pushing boundaries, defying stereotypes and shattering glass ceilings.

    Let us recognise those who have paved the way - from Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, to Dina Asher-Smith, the fastest woman in British history. And of course, my amazing friend, Jo Swinson, who last year became the first female leader in our party's history.

  • Article: Mar 8, 2020

    In the House of Commons, Liberal Democrats now have our most diverse Parliamentary Party ever. Our MPs are more representative of society than ever before, and I am confident that we will continue to make positive strides towards embodying the values that lie at the heart of our party. For Liberal Democrats, equality and human rights have always been, and will always be, what drives everything we do.

  • Article: Mar 7, 2020
    By Dorothy Thornhill

    Over 22,000 (yes, twenty-two thousand) submissions have already been made to the party's independent review into the general and European elections. But that's not stopping the review team, headed up by Dorothy Thornhill, from wanting to hear more...

    One opportunity to do that in person is at the party's spring conference in York, from 10:10am on Saturday 14 March in the main conference hall.

  • Article: Mar 5, 2020

    There are currently 4 open vacancies on Welsh Liberal Democrat committees that are open to all members.

    Being on a committee is a really potent way of having your say on how our party is run. If you're keen to get more involved, why not take a look?

    Ordinary Member of the Membership Development Committee

  • Article: Mar 5, 2020

    It is unacceptable that in 2020 women and girls continue to pay more than men for basic and essential products.

    According to a report published in 2012 by Development Economics on behalf of Aviva insurance, women on average pay £200 more annually than men for the same every-day consumer goods and services - £200 women would not have had to pay in the last year had the Conservatives adopted my Bill.

    This injustice is only made worse by the gender pay gap, which sees 8 out of 10 companies still paying more to their male employees. Women are being hit by a double whammy: they're earning less and paying more, and they deserve better.

  • Article: Mar 4, 2020
    By Wendy Chamberlain

    Last year, Secretary Penny Mordaunt announced a UK government campaign pledging to eradicate period poverty globally by 2030.

    Now it's time to hold the government to account on this commitment.

    No girl should lose out on education as a result of stigma around menstruation or lack of access to sanitary products.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2020

    2020 has enormous potential for us.

    We need to make the most of that - and now is a great time to build up your local party by activating more of your members.

    That's why we're releasing the Boost Guide. We've worked with and learnt from some of our most successful local parties and activists. We've taken their best ideas and top tips, and distilled them into a handy guide for you.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2020

    Women make up less than 5% of the prison population, but they are more likely than male prisoners to be serving short sentences for non-violent offences. Most of them have experienced abuse, and many are mothers of dependent children. This has a destructive impact on women and children, while doing very little to prevent crime and keep people safe.

    On top of this, female prisoners are more likely than male prisoners to report poor mental health and problems with alcohol and drugs. Indeed, self-harm is also far more prevalent in women's prisons, with 2,828 incidents per 1,000 prisoners in the 12 months to March 2019, compared to 596 per 1,000 in men's prisons.

    This helps support the case that as most women in prison are vulnerable people, they should be only sent to prison when absolutely necessary.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2020

    Every day, girls at school are being teased, bullied or even humiliated and punished for being on their period. Equally, children with medical conditions face similar stigma.

    Many girls starting their periods are being denied access to the toilet during school lessons, with some schools even enforcing a blanket ban on children going to the toilet in lesson time.

  • Article: Mar 3, 2020

    When I first learnt election campaigning, one of the rules of thumb was that 'every leaflet before Christmas is worth two after'. It was based on the experience of thousands of different campaigners ahead of May local (and indeed general) elections.

    Starting with early campaigning meant you could set the political agenda for the contest. Starting early with activity gave more time to get new people involved and trained up. The pre-Christmas commencement also meant more bites at the cherry in that long, tough struggle to get typical members of the public (i.e. not that interested in elections) to notice what we were saying. And above all, early starts generated positive responses from voters. Not always immediately, but increasingly as polling day approached and other parties only later started up their own campaigns.

  • Article: Mar 2, 2020

    This article will discuss matters relating to sexual assault.

    This week Harvey Weinstein was sentenced for sexual assault. He will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison - serving justice for the appalling crimes he has committed going back over decades in Hollywood.

    For the survivors, this verdict will no doubt be a huge relief. However, the crimes Weinstein committed will live on in the memory of those he abused.

  • Article: Feb 27, 2020

    Today (27th February) the Court of Appeal ruled against building a third runway at Heathrow Airport. Having campaigned tirelessly on this issue for years, my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I are delighted with the decision.

    This third runway would make it almost impossible for the UK to achieve net-zero, and we have a responsibility to lead the word in tackling the climate emergency.

  • Article: Feb 27, 2020

    We've got a raft of vacancies open on various Scottish Liberal Democrat committees.

    Being on a committee is a really potent way of having your say on how our party is run. If you're keen to get more involved, why not take a look?

    Sorry, the rest of this article is just for members.

    If you're a member, log in here:

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    If you'd like to become a member, you can join today from just £1 a month:

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  • Article: Feb 26, 2020

    During the 2016 referendum campaign, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and Michael Gove issued a joint statement promising to automatically guarantee the rights of EU citizens.

    They declared: "There will be no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident in the UK. These EU citizens will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be treated no less favourably than they are at present."

  • Article: Feb 26, 2020

    We're a party of community, kindness and liberal values.

    We want to make sure everyone out there knows they are welcome

    We want to make sure everyone out there knows they are welcome. All members deserve to feel welcome throughout their membership journey. That's why we're launching a diversity & inclusion survey today.

  • Article: Feb 25, 2020

    As liberals, Hong Kong's fight is our fight.

    A year on from the beginning of the protests in Hong Kong, the Chinese government haven't budged. Beijing continues to systematically violate the human rights of people in Hong Kong, and deny the region democracy.

    But Hong Kong is not giving up. The people of Hong Kong are not going to back down from this fight.

  • Article: Feb 24, 2020
    By Ed Davey

    2020 marks the 15th LGBT History Month and since its inception in 2005, this has been a month of both reflection and action.

    Over the last few years, we've made some amazing leaps for equality, including seeing same-sex marriage legalised in Northern Ireland just a few months ago. However, it is important to remember there is still a long way to go before we reach true equality.

  • Article: Feb 22, 2020

    Thank you!

    Whether you're a Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate, a Mayoral Candidate, a GLA candidate, a Council Candidate or one of the thousands of Liberal Democrat activists that help get them elected, we want to say thank you.

    The time and effort you give is what makes our party tick and without you, we couldn't achieve the change at every level of government we all are fighting for. We hope you find this page useful as you prepare for the 2020 local elections.

  • Article: Feb 21, 2020

    As you know, there are hundreds of local and regional elections happening in England and Wales in May this year, including Council, Mayoral and Police & Crime Commissioner elections.

    They present us with an excellent opportunity to make huge gains across the country, and for your local party to make a big impact in your local area.

  • Article: Feb 20, 2020
    By Wendy Chamberlain

    Liberal Democrats have long demanded fundamental reforms to the distribution of power: proportional voting, decentralisation, an elected second chamber.

    Sadly, electoral reform has been lacking entirely from the Labour party's leadership contest. That's why, this week, I've written to the three remaining Labour leadership candidates, urging them to ditch our broken voting system in favour of proportional representation.

  • Article: Feb 19, 2020

    The Liberal Democrats are working hard to tackle the big issues that people are facing across the UK.

    ✔︎ Ensuring a properly resourced NHS, to provide the highest quality care for our loved ones

    ✔︎ Fighting to reverse police cuts, to protect our communities from violent crime

    ✔︎ Protecting our environment. We've already done more to fight the climate emergency than any other party

  • Article: Feb 19, 2020

    The first time you go canvassing can feel daunting. For many people, going up to a stranger's door, knocking, and starting a conversation isn't something they do every day. They don't often ask people about how they want things to change, in their neighbourhood or across the country as a whole.

    More than 1 in 4 of us will experience depression, anxiety or stress this year. Almost every family will be affected.

  • Article: Feb 19, 2020

    At our latest meeting, the Federal Board welcomed our newest member, Lisa Smart, who has been elected the new chair of the Federal Communications and Elections Committee (FCEC), taking over from James Gurling. Welcome on board, Lisa!

    We also welcomed back to the Board Tony Harris as Registered Treasurer and chair of the Federal Finance and Resources Committee (FFRC) and Mike German as Federal Treasurer.

Isle of Wight Lib Dem photo