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The strange case of the disappearing councils

January 20, 2021 5:52 PM
By Chris Cory

The Covid pandemic has created challenges for local councils and for democracy across the nation. On the Isle of Wight most town and parish councils have adapted fairly well. Obviously it took a while after the first lock-down for councils to get their heads around the idea of virtual council meetings, but fair play to them, most of them had sorted themselves out by mid-summer and the business of local government carried on.

Unfortunately though, a few councils seem to have almost given up and gone into hibernation. According to their own websites, the following councils have managed a modest 3 meetings since March 2020:

However, they would appear almost hyperactive compared to the councils who have managed just two meetings each:

First tier government matters. It is the closest link ordinary people have with those who run the towns and villages we live in. Being a councillor is not just about having a title before your name. It carries responsibilities.

If you think your council hasn't been pulling its weight the past few months, then let them know, or even better put yourself forward when the next set of elections come around in May. Please have look on this page for how to get involved - and find out which of the new Electoral Divisions apply to you.