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Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats

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Our Liberal Vision for the Island's Future

As Liberals many of us believe the Island has stood still for too long. Lack of investment, lack of planning, factionalism in the council, and disillusionment of both young and old in their communities has meant we have seen a steady decline on our Island. But we believe from this we can change direction. We can be successful.

Equality of opportunity for Islanders

It's an issue of choice. We believe that people deserve a choice in where they work, where they shop, and where they send their children to school. Our freedom to set the terms of our future has been consistently undermined by a Council that views choice as an indulgence, and not a right. We believe Islanders deserve the same level of opportunity as the rest of our country, and that we should restore their ability to determine their future.

young friends

Stronger and fairer economy

We realise we live in tough economic times, and recognise the difficult financial position of the Council. However, we reject the callous cut and slash approach to the budget. The Council has cut essential services without a sense of what that means for ordinary Islanders. Balancing the budget has become a simple task of spreadsheet arithmetic; lacking a vision for the Island economy. In order to rebuild the Island economy, we support the use of council funding to create new jobs and reinvesting in our community.

Rebuilding our community

older people

What makes the Island such a distinctive place is its commitment to community values; the idea that your neighbours are your friends, and that you work together to support one another. We believe the Council fails to reflect these values in its politics. Budget management has become a byword for destroying community; with essential services such as community buses, youth employment schemes, and carer support facilities being seen as expendable. The Council seems more preoccupied with petty infighting than it does with actually tackling our problems. For us, this cynical divide and rule politics is a poor reflection of the spirit of the Island. We believe that every person should have a stake in our community; an island that we can buy into.