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Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats

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Four years to Fight for a Fairer Island

Key policies based upon three priorities: Environment, Jobs and Community.

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats are back! The May 2021 Election returned IoW LibDems across the island. Thank you to everyone who voted.

This is the Manifesto we put forward in our fight for a fairer Island. It will guide our Councillors as we work for our respective communities for the next 4 years.

You can see what our Chair and our successful candidates said after the Election on this page.


1. As we exit from the Covid-19 pandemic we will listen to the Island public to bring about a sustainable recovery, including a movement towards a circular economy reducing the use of resources and damage to the natural world, encourage reuse by supporting freecycle and large-scale collection centres, ensure that recycling is improved with transparent detailed information to the public. We must also learn from local community successes in this pandemic; supporting successful local groups with co-working by Council and Charities. The generosity of Islanders and local businesses with their time and enthusiasm is fantastic and we must build on this for the Island while supporting local enterprises.

2. Reduce housing grab with enhanced enforcement of existing laws and new planning policies and housing plan. Pursue social and affordable housing required by local people and consider prioritising local residents and families. Develop a sustainable housing approach to support local families and an aging population whilst protecting green spaces. All new housing needs to be low impact with low running costs looking at best practice on eco-friendly homes. Insist on green transport plans, protect mature trees and look at planting micro woods and larger street trees. Recognise the importance of lower resource use, enhancing biodiversity and reducing pollution, including the climate emergency.

3. Investigate and develop the use of Council and privately owned redundant buildings for micro businesses and to create local rural hubs for landscape and marine skills. Thus developing the Island economy from the bottom up, creating jobs and filling empty units in town centres. Seek additional available Government funding to improve the public realm and infrastructure of the Island and work to bring green investment to the Island alongside Solent region authorities, Government departments, and other national bodies.

4. Work in partnership with the AONB Partnership, CPRE, Forestry Commission and landowners to develop new woodlands and wildlife corridors. Protect inshore water ecosystems with further trials of 'no take zones' in discussion with fishermen and marine users.

5. Support communities and individuals with enhanced collaboration with the NHS, education, care and voluntary sectors to support the vulnerable and deliver a fairer society. To deliver council services like waste disposal in a form that reduces antisocial activities like fly-tipping while working with the Police and voluntary bodies to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime.

6. Develop business and community links with schools to encourage vocational skills, community engagement and aspiration amongst our youth. Promote more opportunities for youngsters to gain work skills with business and voluntary bodies. Develop a culture in our communities of islanders supporting islanders and working together to improve the opportunities and ambitions of the future generations.

7. Fight to keep council services on the Island and look to bring back the Fire Service and Public Health, to ensure decisions are being made at a local level by people close to their community and relevant to the unique nature of our Island.

8. Floating bridge - replace the current failing FB6 and seek compensation from those responsible. Consult on ideas including a floating bridge free for pedestrians and additional routes across the Medina. All part of developing a whole Island Transport infrastructure approach making sure that the public is fully and regularly consulted prior to any decision-making. We will prioritise green transport options, including cycling, public transport, additional electric charge points, car sharing and responsible new transport initiatives.

9. On cross-Solent ferries work with interested parties and Government for regulation and support to deal with high fares and unregulated services that isolate Island families, communities and businesses from the mainland.

10. Open Government - work collaboratively with the parish councils and the voluntary sector, including matched funding. Replace the cavalier Cabinet system with a traditional committee structure and ensure the Scrutiny Committee is opposition-led.